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About Us

Our personal living spaces are important to us. We spend time, energy and money tailoring these spaces to fit our unique personalities and characteristics. From choosing the right hue of paint, the right chair, the perfect pictures — to pulling together what we have, the best way we know how — we are increasingly looking for ways to create and maintain personal sanctuaries. We crave spaces that are comfortable, relaxing and devoid of stress. These types of environments allow for maximizing solitude, igniting creative processes, getting lost in the moment, entertaining friends and are instrumental in allowing us the room to recharge and recenter.

The goal: to create comfort, one candle at a time. That’s it. We have a passion for quality, high-end (yet affordable) candles and unmatched ambiance they can add to any home. Browse the site and check out a few of our favorite brands; we will be adding more as we grow and make new discoveries.

How I Got Here…

I enjoy clean and well-fragranced spaces. Always have, always will. I fell in love – like hearts all in my eyes love – with scented candles several years ago and they quickly became a staple for creating the “right” mood in my space.

However, luxury candles were not on my radar. After looking for a scented candle that was outside my regular $3 vanilla or apple spice purchase (I wanted a deeper variety of fragrances and longer burn times), I discovered a new world and subsequently, a business venture. One of my main issues was finding a place to shop for a variety of quality, scented luxury candles, in one space.

Every candle brand featured on this site has been handpicked, not recommended secondhand. What does this mean? Not just anything will be sold here. It is about all things quality. I just want to share the very best in luxury scented candles & home fragrances with you. Luxury here simply meaning brands that are committed to creating and providing excellent products: great thought and experimentation have gone into creating just the right scents and heavy emphasis has been placed on what type of materials are used to create the candles. While I realize that fragrance is a very personal choice and what works for some, does not work for others, I can assure you that these are brands that deliver, whatever your olfactory preference.

I have moonlighted as a junior stockbroker; probably read more college application essays about mission trips to Costa Rica than should be allowed in one’s lifetime; talked until my eyes crossed about how to choose and apply to the “best fit” schools; was a terrible and confused assistant college basketball coach and even did some important community canvassing for dedicated educators looking to establish charter schools in New Orleans. After several years of trying to figure out what I really wanted to do, I spent many, many and I mean many days (maybe too many, I started talking to and answering myself) in solitude – trying to answer an entrepreneurial call that I could not quite name at that point. During these long days and longer nights and unemployed and low bank account days, my space was literally a safe haven. One of the things I always treated myself to was a candle. So, now? I’m just your neighborhood candle-pusher and I couldn’t be happier. I’m right at home.

Yours in Service,

Shakila Williams